Off for Switch Off in Lüdenscheid

In spite of an intensive dialogue with the power supply company of Lüdenscheid, the concept will not be realized in the “city of light”. Decisively for the fall of the realization was that the radicality of the idea for which it finally was priced did not let unite itself with the premise of the power supply company, that Switch Off should be based solely on the voluntariness. The art shows comprehension for this political decision of an entreprise. However he finds it deplorably that an ambitious art project fails again last of all, when art also offers a striking surface and resists to a simple consumption.

Nevertheless Switch Off in Lüdenscheid caused already a few things: an artist in several sat round with an energy provider at a table in order to discuss earnestly about that how one could turn off for an hour the light in a 80,000 inhabitants counting city. The project was already in the advanced stage. In several press releases, already the population was informed whereby astonishing manner the assumed outcry failed to come. With the promise of the minister of culture Dr. Michael Vesper to function as a patron, support for the project came finally from the highest level!

Switch Off is failed therefore in no case , it will be realized however in another place.

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cont@ct: Tim Otto Roth